3 in 1: Dermaplaning + peel + mask:

Dermaplaning is a skin care treatment that gently removes dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face. Once the physical exfoliation of dead skin cells and hair is complete, all products - professional and the ones used at home - will penetrate deeper into the skin. After the dermaplaning procedure, a peel is used on the skin to create a deeper exfoliation. A mask is then applied to hydrate and firm the skin. ($120) 


Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. A treatment mask is applied after this treatment. ($99) 

Glycolic Peel Treatment: 

The glycolic gel treatment deeply exfoliates the skin, sloughing away dead skin cells leaving the skin smoother and brighter. Glycolic is used to treat acne and blackheads, lighten acne scaring and pigmentation and also reduces fine lines and premature aging by increasing cell turnover. This treatment also comes with a mask, chosen based on your skin type and concerns. Aromatherapy is used to relax and calm the mind during your treatment. ($75) 

Organic Treatment Facial: 

Enjoy a relaxing, organic treatment facial using all Shir-Organic and Livia Pure skin care. This treatment facial includes an exfoliation treatment and a mask based on your skin type and concerns. Your facial is formulated to address a wide variety of complexion and lifestyle concerns from aging and acne, to hyperpigmentation and more. Steam is also applied to the face to dilate the pores for a deep skin cleansing. UV light allows the oxygenation of the steam to nourish and detoxify the skin. Aromatherapy is used to relax and calm the mind during your treatment. (One hour - $55

Gold Collagen Q10 Gel Eye Mask (Add-on): 

Treat yourself to a gold collagen Q10 gel eye mask that infuses natural extracts, vitamins and collagen in one treatment. The gold collagen eye mask stimulates cell production to provide firmness to the skin. Gold slows down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. (Add this to your facial for $20) 

Hydrating Hand Treatment (Add-on): 

This treatment includes an exfoliating scrub to buff away dry skin and a deeply hydrating mask with antioxidant-rich properties to protect and even the skin. This treatment is topped off with a relaxing hand and forearm massage. (Allow an extra 20 minutes for this treatment - $20)