Microblading technique is a type of permanent makeup to give a finer and more natural result by imitating natural eyebrow hairs. This service includes an eyebrow waxing/tweezing, the microblading, take home after care & a free touch up appointment 4-6 weeks after your original appointment. This treatment typically lasts one year before a touchup is needed. ($425) 

Microblading Touch-Up: 

This touch-up service is designed for clients who would like a touch up after their initial two appointments. This is great for people who have received microblading by Aesthetics by Karly Marie in the past and are looking to freshen up their brows! 
Less than one year ($150) 
12-14 months ($180) 
14-16 months ($220) 
16-18 months ($250) 
* any treatment over 18 months is classified as a full microblading appointment ($425) 
This touch-up service is designed for clients who feel they need an extra touch up after their eyebrows are completed. This touchup must take place within 4-6 weeks of their first appointment. ($50-75)
* any reshaping during a touch up appointment is an extra $100